Welcome to our new Medical Imaging Specialists website!

MIS is proud to invite you to our BRAND new MIS Website! Although it is not fully completed, I invite you to browse through the site and get to know our organization a little better. 

We have been busy, and have heard from everyone here at MIS, our Imaging Centers, and our customers.  We have taken the old stuff that worked and wrapped it up in the new! We are pioneering our own new horizons so that we may see other, new, horizons in our industry. We hope that you will help us reach those horizons!

We also hope this NEWS section of our website will become an informative and reliable source for news on our Imaging Centers, as well as the current scoop on the medical imaging industry today, and how it may apply to you. 

With this website you will be able to navigate to our current Medical Imaging Centers across the Eastern US, as well as learn a little more about who we really are. 

We want our websites to be as simple and easy to use as possible for you. You can also use this website nicely on your mobile or pad device.

Remember our MIS Team knows that YOU are the difference, so let us know how we are doing by commenting or sharing below! You can also subscribe to this news section via e-mail to receive news and updates as they are posted from MIS. You should find the "Subscribe via e-mail" below while commenting.

Happy web surfing! - MIS Team


If you are an associate of MIS, you can request a password to access our "MIS Portal" where you can find all requisite information for MIS internal use.