Consider what matters to you! Consider MIS Imaging Centers for your next imaging appointment.

How can we get better imaging experiences in today's healthcare market? How do we get better radiology services that matter? Perhaps, the answer lies in your service provider, and that provider delivering what matters to YOU (the patient and the consumer.)

Many people walk into a radiology appointment already stressed out, and wanting to return to life as soon as possible. We may have become accustomed to abnormally long wait times as well as dealing with bad service and a sometimes grumpy or dismissive front desk. This doesn't have to be the case though (and it shouldn't be.)

By delivering an array of high end services,  giving you a time that is convenient for you, and a comfortable experience; imaging appointments don't have to be any more stressful than an imaging situation already is (or can be.)

"Many times a patient's stress or fear level is higher than it should be when coming to an appointment. Our goal is to get that level of stress down to the minimum for the patient. We aren't  just providing a smoother experience, we are trying to go beyond what is expected in the imaging industry, and truly provide a better experience that will improve our entire industry. Your medical imaging service provider should work for your patronage. Your appointment should be the provider's privilege--not yours."
 - Arun C. Jethani CEO MIS

Having up-to-date technology with quality radiologists and employees often on stand-by ready to help you is optimistically to become the life essence of outpatient imaging centers. MIS not only caters to the patient, but also to our doctors; to return radiologists to being The Doctor's Doctor, a reliable resource for them, and a supplier of invaluable relationships. 

We hope that hospitals and Dr.'s will begin referring patients outside of hospitals to dedicated imaging centers more and more, to get the more comfortable, speedy, and less expensive options for everyone.  MIS wants all patients that visit their centers not to worry about getting their results later, nor wait for long periods of time uncomfortably. 

By listening to the wants and needs of the patients, MIS understands that striving beyond normal service and care can truly make an impact, while also building a trustworthy image to both Dr. and patient alike.

 Medical Imaging Specialists has taken ideas on the current industry and improved them by focusing on what matters to us. Their Patient Promise shows ten simple things that help a lot when it comes to what patients want from their radiology provider.

In a world where sales pitches and branding gimmicks can make consumers wary, the MIS Patient Promise has already brought MIS to where they stand today, and have been tailored from patient feedback to ensure patients are getting the quick and comprehensive care they demand.

You can view MIS's Patient Promise video below.

Dr. Isaac