10 Ways MIS Imaging Centers deliver a better MRI experience...


You should know it matters who you choose as your MRI service provider, and you do have a choice in where you make your next appointment.

If you haven't discovered MIS already, we are glad you just did! Our imaging centers are pushing to work with all the doctors out there, and are giving out conclusive results for you and your doctor within 24 hours of your procedure. 

Hospitals often will charge higher (and even additional) fees than outpatient facilities like ours, due to their ability to negotiate higher reimbursement rates with your insurance company. You could call us "insiders" in the healthcare industry.

To locate our imaging center nearest you or request your next MRI appointment, visit the center locations page, where you can surf our center websites. 

Thank you for your time,

- MIS Team

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Above are ten ways our imaging centers are committed to in order to deliver a better patient experience.