MIS Now to Acquire More Centers in the Northeast. All we do is radiology - and we do it well!

MIS mission is to Build The Best in Radiology in our communities. We are looking to improve our industry’s future, bring our mission, our resources, and 25 years of excellent patient care as an attractive opportunity to acquire or partner with outpatient imaging centers. MIS has secured significant funding, from its current owners, to acquire more centers (looking to acquire at least 10 more in the next year).

For those looking to exit the market or partner with a larger healthcare system, please consider us. Our partnership has empowered owners (radiologists and business owners) by providing them a long-term horizon for their careers and paying them upfront for all their hard work in developing their center. The recent rapid evolution of radiology has resulted in tremendous challenges for many radiology business owners including: high cost, excess capacity, increased regulatory scrutiny, stagnant number of radiologists, delivery model changes, and declining reimbursement for many imaging centers. Unfortunately, we see these trends continue; however, we have been able to produce results under these uncertain times.

MIS has delivered solutions to these challenges to hospitals, imaging centers, and radiologists for over ten years. Members of our team have been working in radiology since 1984, and it is this reason that our solutions exceed expectations. While some of our competitors in the imaging center marketplace have changed business models frequently, we continue to build knowledge and solutions as radiology improves and changes.

Our Mission has always been, and continues to be, to provide patients the best choice in their community for medical imaging service. We strive to provide value by seeing radiologists as more than just part of a ‘commoditized’ practice, and are effective in driving home the message that we are the most trusted radiology resource for a patient, their doctors, employers, and their families.

MIS also delivers fresh marketing within our industry; bringing in new physicians, obtaining new governmental agreements with carriers, along with a more aggressive social media presence to make sure everyone gets the message that we truly are ‘The Best in Radiology.’

To learn more, or inquire about how MIS can help with your imaging center, please contact us today.