Arun Jethani: Courage & Resiliance

"It’s not a linear path to growth.  Any strong business will not go as planned, but if you have the outcomes in mind, you’re tenacious about it, and you’re able to clear people out who are not behind you or who are looking to change your vision…you must remove them and you must align yourself with people who are mentally tough, who are unrelenting, who will help you produce the situation you want."

- Arun Jethani, MIS CEO

Hospital Imaging vs. Imaging Centers

Finding local medical imaging services at the lowest price while also being fast and courteous is the mission of many healthcare consumers today. If this sounds like you, you should be aware that there are cost savings for you to realize - without having to compromise any measure of quality or superior service.

In fact, MIS is confident that because our centers primary focus is radiology, we can give you a better service than a hospital can regarding your next imaging exam.

Did you spot all the differences between hospital imaging and our imaging centers?

Did you spot all the differences between hospital imaging and our imaging centers?



  1. Outpaitent Imaging Centers are one-level facilities which make it easier for you. We also offer free parking. Hospital radiology departments are usually in the basement level or in a multi-level facility - and you pay to park!

  2. Outpatient Imaging Centers have less wait time compared to hospitals. We get you in and out of you appointment, while hospitals can take hours.

  3. Outpatient Imaging Centers give patients ONE bill with ONE charge. Hospitals usually give multiple bills with different, surprising and confusing changes.

  4. Outpatient Imaging Centers are much less expensive than a hospital. On Average, a hospital will cost 3 - 5x more (for same exam.)