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Medical Imaging Specialists (MIS) is an expanding infrastructure of outpatient imaging centers in the Northeast. We have the proven resources, experience, and ability to scale and manage radiology practices across a multi-state operation. We now bring our mission, resources, and 25 years of patient care and expertise to the communities of the Northeast, offering outpatients faster appointment scheduling at lower cost than most hospital imaging services.

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For Physicians

Best in Radiology 2018™

Learn how Medical Imaging Specialists offer value to our first imaging constituent (our referring physicians) through new education and appropriate cost for their patients; with brief intro and interview from MIS CEO Arun Jethani, and MIS COO Bonnie Cheney at their corporate office in NYC.


For Payors

Best in Radiology 2018™

Discover how Medical Imaging Specialists are building the best in radiology for payors (insurance companies), by delivering new and largely untapped benefits and value within radiology for insurance payors, and their patient employers; with brief interviews from MIS CEO Arun Jethani, and MIS COO Bonnie Cheney at their corporate office in NYC. 


Our Three Pillars of Imaging: the Essence of Imaging, The Image of Imaging, and the Return of Imaging

(corporate practices video 2016™)


Understanding the MIS Patient Promise

Animation showing ten important service touch points MIS focuses on when it comes to caring for patients appropriately at MIS Imaging Centers.

(corporate practices video 2016™)



MIS wants their patients to #RETURN2LIFE

"Whatever you do best... we want you to keep doing it... and we want you to #returntolife" 

"we are radiologists and we can help you #return2life as quickly as possible."

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