MIS has provided innovative solutions to hospitals, imaging centers, and radiologists for over a decade. The sole purpose of our business is radiology which admittedly we do quite well. Many members of our team have been working in radiology since 1974 and along the way we have developed practical tools and programs to help our clients exceed all their expectations. While our competitors change business models frequently, we continue to remain steadfast in our business and management practices while incorporating the current technology in all our operations.

Radiology is indispensible. Clinically, it is a driving force in the way patient care is delivered. Economically, it benefits payors, radiologists, hospitals and providers and enables them to carry out optimal care. The number of diagnostic imaging procedures performed in the US continues to grow. This growth is fueled by three primary market trends: 1) baby boomers demanding more services 2) technology advancements resulting in the substitution of invasive diagnostic procedures with noninvasive imaging and 3) consumerism, resulting in greater demand at greater speed for high quality healthcare services.

The rapid evolution of radiology has resulted in tremendous challenges that include high costs, excess capacity, increased regulatory scrutiny, stagnant number of radiologists, delivery model changes, and declining reimbursements.

Management Services

MIS will successfully work with your team and help manage your entire business operations so you can better transform your bottom line, particularly increased volumes, margins and collections.


MIS provides a comprehensive assessment of all your imaging services. Our clients utilize this information for strategic planning, lowering costs, and making improvements to maintain their core, competitive edge. Whatever your reason for using MIS, we will always be there to guide and assist you.

Volume Assessment and Analysis

We will provide you vital information regarding the demand for imaging services within your specific market. This information will include your current market share versus those of your competitors and the salient market characteristics that drive imaging volumes in your market. MIS will ultimately provide you with an accurate assessment of market intelligence and our recommendations so you can grow your imaging business.

Financial Analysis Program

Do you treat your imaging department as its own business unit? Our analytical tools and benchmarking capabilities provide you with the knowledge to make specific changes that will help increase your revenue and lower your expenses

Internal Operations

We analyze specific functions within your department and provide you with effective steps that will improve your internal operations. Areas in which we focus include:

  • Resource Utilization
  • Patient Access
  • Coding and Charge Entry
  • Billing and Receivables Management
  • Payor Contracting
  • Marketing
  • Professional Service (Radiologists)
  • Referring Physician/Patient satisfaction
  • Information Systems and Design

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